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31/B, Malibagh Chowdhuripara,

Dhaka - 1219

Bibidha Banijja Shangstha is a leading accessories company of Readymade Garments industry in Bangladesh. We are the manufacturer & supplier of all kinds of garments accessories. We started our business on 1988. Now we are matured though 22 years work experience. We are very fortunate to have a skilled & efficient team to meet our valued customer’s need. We are always emphasis on quality, quick response & on time delivery to meet our competitor. We treat our customer as our boss. Our Manufacturing & supplying item is depicted on company profile. Please click on company profile to know briefly about our company. We are always conscious of sophisticated technology to produce our goods & want to contribute an important part to our customer’s supply chain management. We reinforce our efforts to build strong relationship with our valued customer.

More over 400 employees are working in this company. They are very skilled & efficient of their particular job, which they gained by experience. Our total workforce is dedicated to produce personalized product of our customer & meet their needs. A brilliant management team is managing the workforce. Employees of BBS are self-motivated to maintaining quality.
BBS emphasis on quality to meet their competitor. We never compromise in regarding of quality & give our full effort improving our product quality. An educated & skilled supervisor team is working to investigate the quality while the production is going on. If they find any problem they inform at once our problem solving team. Problem solving team takes proper initiative to solve the problem.
We believe that quick response is crucial for maintaining long-term relationship with our customer. Our marketing department is dedicated to response quickly of our customer. If any customer want to know about any product of BBS, we response quickly as early as possible.
We are very conscious &reinforce our effort on time delivery. Our total workforce is giving their effort regarding this matter. Our skilled & efficient team delivery team is dedicated to supply the product on time to our customer. We have our own transport to delivery product to our customer’s factory.

Message from the Managing Director

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks & deep appreciation to you: Valued customers, patrons & well wishes & employees of BBS for the enormous support, patrons & dedicated services. We believe that building strong relationship with our customers is crucial for our growth & prosperity. Technology & competition have made it vital for us to force strong bonds with our customers to meet their needs at their convenience. We put on emphasis on quality, quick response & on time delivery on meeting challenges of managing relationship. Our significant achievements over the past years both financial & strategic are solid indications of our strength & potential.

We are very fortunate to have a skilled & efficient management team. We focus on creating a culture that places importance on personalized services, customer's satisfaction. We believe in strong interpersonal relationship with each other.

We will continue to reinforce our efforts to meet the needs & expectation of our competitions through product development by improving quality, quick response & on time delivery.

On behalf of the company I would like to express my deep commitment to our valued customers on quality & on time delivery & want to take part of their supply chain management.

I am proud of the accomplishments & proud of where our institution is heading. I can only anticipate continued pride in our improvement & growths as we move into future.

Managing Director.
Bibidho Banijja Shangstha